• Chiara Tunesi


Wisdom lies in imperfection...

It is common to seek perfection, that everything follows canons, that it is the  way we want it.

But the ancients already said that perfection is evil. Perfection does not exist, and to continue to search for it obsessively, is not wise and good.

An example of the concept of imperfection is given to us by the tarot, especially in the minor arcana. In fact these cards may look similar, but they are never symmetrical, there are always details that make the cards not equal, that there is no malignant perfection.

And since the Tarot is also a representation of Human Life and its evolution, down to the smallest detail, it could therefore be said that: as in the Tarot, perfection does not exist, even in our daily life it does not exist.The maximum realization in tarot is the World. This card represents harmony with the elements, success, total understanding, union with God and development brought to completion.

But it is also the end of a cycle that has been brought to maturity. So when one cycle ends, another cycle begins, and then another, and so on: the dance of life and death.

The understanding of the World comes through a long process (of which each step is represented by an Arcana) of analysis of itself in relation to both the material world and the spiritual world. 

And the process involves the investigation and discovery of what is hidden from our material eyes, until the discovery and vision of the world through our Spiritual Eye.

Through the sight and perception of our third eye we can access the TRUE WISDOM and REALITY that permeates the cosmos.

And it is therefore through the imperfection of reality that we live, that we can question ourselves and find ourselves!

To understand that beauty, perfection, peace, what we are really looking for as souls, cannot be found outside of us, but only inside of us. And through this understanding we are able to love the imperfection of creation and to understand that every living and non-living being is also walking on a path of rediscovery, but that it is a soul of infinite light like us!!

There is no perfection on the material plane, but there is the eternal spiritual bliss, in the here and now!

Wisdom lies in us!

With Love and Infinite Peace


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