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WALKING BAREFOOT - The Universe Energies

Since childhood we are told that contact with the Earth, with the soil, makes us dirty and brings bacteria. Since the years of the development of cities, many people now do not even see small squares of vegetation or nature from their windows. Many of us live in skyscrapers, on endless floors, and we are increasingly detached from the Earth, from our Mother. We do not perceive its energy and, on the contrary, we reject it, we consider it dirty and finally we poison it with pollution of various kinds and with our carelessness.

In a world as advanced as today's, it is important that we approach an ecological way of life, not only because we are afraid of the End of the world and Mankind, but because it is important that we take responsibility and face our relationship with Mother Earth. It is important that we reconnect with her, as well as obviously avoiding throwing plastic bottles into the woods or the seas!!

It is not important to take a thousand steps at a time, it is important to start slowly with Awareness and Love. At first it is really important to put our feet on the ground, immerse ourselves with our roots in the depths of the Earth and feel one with it. Because She is here to support us, every day she gives us fruits, plants, flowers, grains... everything we need for our sustenance! We are beautiful flowers and we take nourishment, with our roots, from the energy of the Earth. Let us connect with her, let us perceive her as a Mother who loves us, who inspires us, and let us not be afraid of her! Everything that may seem like a catastrophe, is really just a sign that gives us understanding! (This applies to every situation we live in our lives!!!)

So let us enter into meditation and into a state of gratitude! As we lay our feet on the Earth let us feel abundant and grateful for all that we are, live and have! Another way to connect to Mother Earth is to enter into meditation and visualize that you are a beautiful flower. Let us feel our roots sinking into the earth and also feel the breeze of the wind and the warmth of the sun on our petals: Let us feel the love and energy of the Cosmos!

Let's rebuild our relationship with her, eat healthy, grow plants and take care of them, pollute less and love more.  Everything that surrounds us and is within us is a precious good! Mother Nature welcomes us with open arms, and feeds us every day with the energy of love!

Lots of Light


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