• Chiara Tunesi


Many times our individuality and our way of being do not allow us to understand completely our own nuances, our merits and our defects, and so thanks to our human nature, we have the great fortune to meet with the other. 

The Other is the one we attract in our life through our vibrations, that are manifested through: our needs as souls and bodies, our traumas, our emotions and our way of thinking. He/She is the Wonder, which we must thank for the lessons he/she teaches us! Because through these teachings we are able to broaden our horizons, understand our emotions and express them.

Through the Other we know the beauty of every nuance of the Cosmic Soul! And not only that... In fact, if we understand that each one of us is a small drop in the Cosmic Ocean, if we observe the Other without any judgment but with love, he/she will give us the opportunity to mirror ourselves in him/her and understand not only his/her limits but also ours! ...And at the same time it will show us both our inner depth and also the path we are facing!

In this life we have decided to incarnate ourselves in this experience, just so that it could be preparatory for the development of our Soul, and also to become aware that each of us is a small drop of an immense Ocean ...and this Ocean is made of Love, Knowledge, Equality and Wisdom.

It is an Energy that supports us in our journey and in our development, always giving us, at every step, the possibility to choose, to think and to understand through our actions and thoughts.

We are, first of all, SPIRIT and we are making this HUMAN experience to EVOLVE.

Let us understand that there are no differences between us, there are no races, there are no genders... we are all Souls, we are all LOVE.

... and remember: what happens in the everyday life, happens for our best, because we have attracted it, because we have to learn what we didn't even perceive before.

Let's learn to base our life on the Infinite Love for ourselves and for the other, and on the compassion and the understanding that we not only evolve through our path as individuals but also approaching with compassion and love to the other, to Mother Earth, and to every visible or invisible, animated or inanimate being.

...What we define OTHER is our BROTHER and SISTER, there is no distinction, but only the LOVE that binds us! With Love and Hope Chiara

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