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Understanding deeply our feelings!

Have a great Sunday everyone and welcome back to this weekly-blog!🌞

As you may know, on April 22 there was a conjunction of Venus with Uranus, the union of love with freedom and change!

That's why I decided to ask the oracles for suggestions and enlightenment on the topic of feelings.

The word feeling comes from the verb to feel, which means what we perceive and sense, both on our skin and with our senses and extra-senses.

Many times, however, our feeling is also shaped by our traumas, by how much we felt loved as children, or by the vicissitudes that we have experienced at other times of our existence, which have blocked us and somewhat withered us, not allowing us to express our essence of pure love and pure light.

To regain awareness of our feeling we must question who we are at this moment, all the patterns experienced and open ourselves to change!

First of all, it is important to love ourselves, to give ourselves the motherly love and understanding that we may not have received, and to support ourselves in every moment of our lives. Because of our society, many of us are severe judges of ourselves, and instead of embracing diversity and understanding mistakes, we become even more detached without really realizing the essence of each action. In the first place there is love, the love that does not judge, that does not demand, that does not ask and that loves unconditionally.

The second important theme, again related to feelings, is setting healthy boundaries in relationships.

In fact, many times by not giving ourselves enough love, we swing from person to person without realizing what we really need and who we really need in our lives!

The person we need is US: it is therefore important to give ourselves time for ourselves, to create our own living space, and then allow people to connect with us. Relationships should not be one-way, or tiring, they should be a healthy interchange of energy, love and awareness.

Not everyone is right for us! Each of us has our own path to take and it is right to follow the flow of life by letting go of what is no longer aligned with us.

It is not abandonment, it is awareness and love for ourselves and for others.

That is why it is important to take charge of our existence and approach it with awareness!

Let's try to understand the patterns in our daily life! What are they? What are the unhealthy behaviors we adopt with others and where do they come from?

Once we are aware of this, it is important to release all these patterns, contracts and past lives: let go of everything that we no longer need and that is part of an old mentality and energy!

Let us open to our true essence, to our true self that asks us to live a life in accordance with its truth!

And by knowing and studying ourselves and allowing ourselves to live according to our truth and essence as souls, then our awakening will happen! And through it many other people and beings will awaken from their sleep and consciously live their lives!

We are infinite beings of light! We are souls, our body is only temporary!

Let us love each other and understand our true essence and approach the true understanding of our dharma!

If you need help moving those energies, write me or book a session with me!

With Love and Light,


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