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THE ENERGY OF THE WEEK THAT AWAITS US (4th October 2020 – 11th October 2020) with Tarots!

Hi my dears, here we are again with our weekly blog that, through Tarot cards and Oracles, will give us suggestions and informations on the energies of the week that is about to begin!

… Let’s get started!!

At the beginning of the week we find ourselves interfacing with the energy of the HIEROPHANT.

The pope, fifth Major Arcane, represents the Fifth Essence, the hidden meaning of creation. He is the source of wisdom, both material and spiritual!

This card also represents the teaching and divine compassion for others.

So, at the beginning of the week, either we will be asked for advice, or we will find ourselves "teaching" something important to others, or much more simply we will meet a figure who will allow us to know and evolve, a master!

The oracular card that comes to help us is AKASHA: this reminds us that we are divinely guided, but also remembers us to connect to Akasha to communicate with our Masters and to learn knowledge, from our Book of Life, that can allow us to evolve!

If you have never read about Akashic Records, look here to learn more!

In the middle of the week we have the energy of the HERMIT.

Like the Hermit who brings his light, through the teachings received from Akasha, we will begin/continue our inner quest. Our luminous soul will be our guide on this path.

The oracles show us that we are already on the right path but that we must continue to walk and, above all, act! We are asked to stop thinking too much and, instead, to follow our goal with strength and confidence!

Let us trust our light, let us trust the Universe!

In the last part of the week we have the energy of the DEVIL!

The devil reminds us, that like every path, there will be difficulties that could tempt us, bring us doubts, could be thoughts or people that could subjugate our essence. In this case the oracles advise us to be careful and to remember to TRUST OUR PATH.


Whenever doubts arise, let us ask our guides, angels, beings of light to be with us and to show us the luminous path!

This week will be a brilliant and bright week that will allow us to shine like the Pillars of Light that we are!!

Our vibrations will rise!

Let us remain and evolve in Light and Love. Let us trust our Light!


Have a wonderful week! …and for more information and therapies go see my Online Services!

With Harmony and Peace!


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