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TREE THERAPY: what it is and why to practice!

Happy Sunday everyone and welcome to the regular Sunday column!🌞🌲

Today I'd like to talk to you about Tree Therapy and how it can massively change our lives!

In 2021, most of the world's population lives in very chaotic cities, and most of their lives are spent in concrete cubes and moors. Despite the emergence of a strong sense of ecology and protection of nature in recent years, our lives are still not independent from concrete cities, and many of us rarely see unspoiled green areas.

Living in chaotic cities without contact with nature, leads to lives permeated with stress and chaos, and these obviously lead to physical and energetic imbalances.

And here is where Tree Therapy comes to help us!!!

In Japan, in 1982, the doctor Qing Li, proposed the project Forest Bathing, which means an immersion in nature! He also wrote a book on the subject entitled in the same way.

In Japan, forests have always been considered sacred both by Shintoists and Zen Buddhists, so the population has always been very connected to its natural roots. Through this project, doctor Qing Li, not only explains the importance of Tree Therapy but also manages to get the Japanese government to select more than 60 parks with this intent! So let's get to it! Why is it so beneficial to be among the trees in nature, as unspoiled as possible, or even simply in a city park?

There are as many as 4 reasons:

1. Trees release antimicrobial essential oils, phytoncides, which strengthen both our immune system and our psychic strength. The soil also releases a microbiome that acts as an antidepressant! 2.Trees boost our mood and reduce our blood pressure, heart rate, stress, anxiety and mental confusion! 3. Being among the trees, perhaps for a weekend or even better for a week, improves sleep and creativity! 4. Spending time in the forests or parks seems to be a great support for people suffering from cancer or depression.

Being in nature, like in a forest, or at the sea or lake, but also simply in a park or even just taking care of the plants on our balcony, touching them and creating a bond with them, makes our well-being improved!

As living beings we need to be connected with Mother Earth, to love her and love every other species on this planet! Because we are all one and we need each other!

So let's start to dedicate some time to ourselves, to our complete well-being and walk in the green.

Let's harmonize with our senses, with nature and with ourselves, finding the peace that we are looking for!

Let's embrace, touch, listen, smell Nature!

We are part of her, and she, as a mother, is here for us!

Let's give ourselves to her, let's not destroy her!

…And why not practice a little Barefoot walking? Not sure what that is? Click here to read my post explaining what it is!

Hoping this beautiful season will benefit the blossoming of your soul!

With love and light,


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