• Chiara Tunesi


Today's society impregnates us with the concept of PERFECTION: everything must be perfect, in style, in rules, in form. But this search for perfection does not let us be ourselves, it changes us, it haunts us… So we ask ourselves how can we get out of this loop? How can we be enough for ourselves, without killing ourselves, but rather celebrating our beauty and uniqueness?

There is no right or univocal method, it all starts with awareness. The awareness of OURSELVES: in fact we are not only matter, but we are also and above all SPIRIT, a divine and creative spark!

Understanding, therefore, our beauty and brightness, and the uniqueness of the path we are living as a soul, at that point the journey of rebirth and understanding of perfection begins. The Venusian canons of harmony and balance, always remind us of the importance of NOT following the mass, but following the rules and natural harmony, intrinsic in our material and spiritual nature.

In the cosmic order everything is harmony and beauty: God is beauty, bliss, peace and whole.

So, in order to move away from the distorted idea of perfection, let us learn to FEEL. Let's lean back and open our eyes!!

FEEL, PERCEIVE with all senses and extra-senses the beauty and purity of what we are and what we have around us, and we will realize that there is no need for anything else, because ALL IS!

Let us learn to express gentleness and kindness for every living being and for ourselves. Let us learn to love every facet of what comes before us. It is by loving and bringing light, where we may find shade, that we are able to evolve more and more every day. EVOLUTION and KNOWLEDGE are LOVE and are PERFECTION because they allow us to fully understand the true ESSENCE that permeates everything.

Let's do like the Moon, let's get excited for life and for its magnificence… Let's try to be mothers who accept and take care of the imperfections of their children without shaping them! By accepting what we feel and nourishing ourselves and our Inner Child, we won't ask for more perfection, but we will ask for more Comprehension, Time, Care, LOVE, ESSENCE...

Let us reflect, meditate and evolve in the greatest Love!

With Love and Light


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