• Chiara Tunesi

The lighter side of the Moon

Happy Sunday! Here we are again for our weekly appointment.

Now that spring has begun, the season in which flowers bloom, it is important, after the long winter, to prepare for the blossoming of our souls, our lives and our projects. The sun, like the moon, will illuminate our days more and more allowing us to see more and more what happens in the light and what happens in the shadow below our eyes.

It is important to blossom and be positive! It's time to take on new projects or old unfinished ones, giving them a breath of new energy.

We are in the phase of nature's creation and love, let's flow with it and allow ourselves to live in accord with Gaia.

Nature in this moment shows us its beauty, its birth and life! Let's flow with her and bring vitality in ours! Let's create a routine that makes us happy and vital, like doing yoga or meditation! Let's allow our soul to blossom like beautiful roses!

Let's understand our essence and live for it!

Let's open ourselves up to creation and a positive mindset, and allow the new to become part of our lives!

With love on this day of celebration,


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