• Chiara Tunesi

The importance of WILLPOWER!🔥

Happy Sunday! Today we are going to talk about willpower and how it is important and decisive in our lives!

In fact the will does not act simply from a more materialistic point of view "I want this object, this house..." but also from a spiritual and realization point of view. In fact, being aware of our will and exercising it we can obtain what we need.

Willpower is what makes life happen, what makes us create! It makes us realize our dreams, like a fuel in a car! It allows us to feed our optimism and our more conscious living. Without the will and its power and energy there would be no life, no dreams, no evolutionary movement and stimulation for us and all other living beings. The force of will is what enlivens us and it is important to put it in our projects and in our feelings in the most conscious and in tune with us!

First, it is important to realize what we want to accomplish in our lives, financially, spiritually, family and emotionally. What kind of feelings do we want to experience? Through this conscious work on our reality and our being, we can completely change our existence and our daily life.

In fact, by acting positively for ourselves and vibrating positive energies and willpower, everything can be truly real.

Let's not be demoralized by the bad times: they are just periods and lessons from which we can learn a lot about ourselves and the world we live in.

Also starting to control our breath, our life force, our health is very important! Thanks to these exercises we become aware of ourselves and we start taking positive actions for both our physical body and our soul...we are One!

Let's learn to be grateful for every moment we experience and with this openness of mind and heart let's start living a more conscious and more positive life!

Our amazing soul just wants to vibrate to the fullest and create a super colorful life full of deep feelings and joy!... So let's do it!!

With Love and Peace,


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