• Chiara Tunesi

The importance of WATER for the body and for the soul!

From various scientific studies and by culture, it is known that our body is composed of 75% water. It is a constitutive part of our physical body, which is the temple of our soul.

So it is really important to understand its importance not only from a physical point of view, but also from an esoteric point of view. First of all it is recommended to use spring water, this is because, if you live in the city, water, before arriving at our home tap, makes endless journeys and brings with it, no more minerals, but chemical components or harmful substances for our health.

Moreover, since spring water can flow in its maximum energy, it is not only rich in minerals that are fundamental for our body, but it is also rich in regenerating energy, in harmony with Mother Earth: a very precious gift!

According to many scientific studies, it has also turned out that water, depending on the energies applied to it, changes the shape of its structure crystals. If it is a positive energy, it will create a harmonious structure, if it is negative it will damage the crystalline tissue of the water (The Memory of Water, Masaru Emoto).

In this regard we know that words are energy, energy that manifests itself, "the WORD". Therefore, since we are mainly composed of water, and since it is malleable with regard to the energies that we emit or that we expose through words, it is really important to pay attention to what we say, how we express ourselves. The way we communicate can bring prosperity and harmony, as well as hate and sadness. So it is really important to have a positive and harmonious attitude towards our body, mind and spirit! Love them for how, incredibly they are!!!

Furthermore, through water, which is part of us, we can also manifest! This applies to aspects that affect our body, as well as our emotions and thoughts. By speaking lovingly to water before drinking it (and putting it inside a glass container), we can encourage ourselves to be more harmonious, more reflective, even more beautiful!

Obviously, if we use words or energies inappropriately or not harmoniously, they too can be manifested through water!!

Water, energized by our words, will bring this frequency inside our body and become an integral part of us!!!

So let us always remember to be carriers of LIGHT and LOVE, not only when we meditate, but also when we turn to the outside world. Let us have compassion for ourselves and for others: it is the key! ...and so... Let us drink lots of water, full of energy and bring love and awareness throughout the cosmos, for our health and our spirit!!!

With Love and Harmony


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