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The importance of taking care of ourselves!

Good morning and happy Sunday!🌞

Welcome to a new weekly blog!

This week I'd like to talk about Wellness, but not simply as caring for the body, but soul, body and mind harmony.

In fact, in many cases, when we refer to wellness, the focus is on the physical body, on the sporting side or on that of the wellness center... but obviously that's not all! In fact, it is certainly, indeed absolutely important, to have a balanced diet and to take care of one's body, but it is important to realize that this is not enough to feel totally well.

When we refer to wellness, from a holistic point of view, we mean both physical and mental well-being: that is, not only is our body in shape, but so is my vital energy, my mood. This harmony in both the physical and mental state leads to a true state of well-being.

This should be our goal, to be comfortable in our shoes, with our essence, to allow ourselves to say and be our truth! When we are not feeling well and we are not in harmony, in many cases we go to extremes, and it is important to realize this in order to return to our heart.

By meditating and dealing with the dynamics that arise in our daily lives, accepting the feelings we have and loving ourselves as we are, we can truly find the harmony between mind and body that will bring us to Unity! We are here, on this planet, and we are playing a role in the great spectacle of life, let's understand that! If we are chained, let us break free! Let's live a life that allows us to love and be ourselves every day! Let us live in harmony with ourselves and the Universe! All the challenges and the most complex moments come to us as blessings to make us understand what needs to be let go, so that our light can shine!

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With Love and Peace,


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