• Chiara Tunesi

The importance of having "ME-TIME"!

This Sunday I decided to talk freely about the theme of "Me-time", perhaps very underestimated nowadays.

Having time for ourselves, to really dedicate to ourselves is very difficult... at least I speak from my own experience!

Life's commitments make us run and swing from one task to another! Many times we are the ones who feel empty and fill our time with endless schedules that then make us arrive at our beloved weekend totally drained! Yet we go on and on and on! Until we then have no energy and crave the vacations...

I think that "Me-time" is an underestimated topic because many times, in our consumerist society, time for us is associated with simply spreading a cream on the face or buying a new dress, or thousands of clothes, to go out, to go to work, or for the vacations… But in reality it is not just that! Surely these activities allow us to relax, take care of our bodies and feel more beautiful, but I believe that the time for us should be expanded in its vision!

"Me-time" is also drawing and reading a book, studying something we love and are curious about, it's also meditating, doing yoga and giving ourselves time to be quiet and at peace with ourselves! It's a time when we don't have to plan strictly what to do, but it's a time when we can let our energy flow to create a "something" of our own.

So, why preclude this "Me-time" to a few moments a week or month? Why don't we organize ourselves differently and try to use our free time by really putting ourselves first? So by taking time to nurture our souls with positive and relaxing thoughts, music, poetry, love and nature! Maybe doing group meditation, or taking a mindful walk every day with our dog!

Let's allow our soul to reveal its energy and shine in its entirety, let's allow our physical body to be consciously free from the chains of everyday life and stress! Let us love each other more, let us not make excessive demands on ourselves and let us not want to escape to another day, further or later in time, but to appreciate our present, our here and now always. Let us create our "Me-time" every day! We are the creators of our own destiny, through the conscious and positive use of our will! With Love, Chiara

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