• Chiara Tunesi


Many times we take everyday life for granted, because it follows uninterruptedly, we enter into a routine mechanism from which we wait nothing but to get out. But days, years go by and life flows.

And what remains? …rapid moments not fully appreciated.

That is why today I propose this reflection: How grateful are we for the life we live? Do we appreciate our existence? It is important to realize how lucky we are to live our lives, with our individual facets! Life teaches us, takes us away and gives us.

And you will ask yourselves … why? Why should we be grateful for a life that, perhaps, does not give us everything we want? The real answer is …but do we really know what we want and what lies behind our desires? Our society inculcates ideas and precepts that inebriate us and take us far from our true selves, from our true satisfaction.And going forward, following the advice of the society, we try and search outside of us to satisfy all our desires, but we remain incomplete, always looking for more, without appreciating what we already have around us and INSIDE of us.

It is within us that resides the greatest answers, the greatest fulfillment of all, the discovery who we really are. In a silence that cradles us and harmoniously makes us understand the meaning of the Universe,of all its stars and far beyond!

Meditation is the scientific key to re-balancing the flow of tormenting thoughts that the ego creates during each day and to bring peace and understanding into our lives. So we will not find ourselves chasing neither a future nor a past, but we will begin to be aware and grateful of our present.

Acting on ourselves, on our present, entering into a vision of gratitude for who we are and what we have, our life is shaped by the positive vibrations we radiate.

So being grateful and present in our life, leads us to be happier and to understand how important every single moment of our life is for our growth and evolution. Every single detail, every action can be the one that leads us to understand the magic and beauty of the whole Universe and beyond.

So... let's rediscover ourselves as a soul, inside us there is the key to every answer we seek! Let us appreciate every moment of our life, remaining rooted in the here and now!

Let's drop the veils that Maya has interposed between our eyes and reality! Let's rediscover the pure essence of love and light! Let's go home!

We are infinite spirits living temporarily in a body... WE ARE MORE THAN WHAT WE THINK WE ARE! LET'S FIND OUR ESSENCE IN US, IN THE SEA OF THE WHOLE.

With Peace, Love and Light


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