• Chiara Tunesi


Holaaa and welcome back!✨💜

This week I had the opportunity to think and reflect on creativity and how important it is… and I decided to share with you this little reflection of mine!

The creative impulse is human, it is natural and always has been! It is that movement that allows life in all its forms! To create is to give energy, that is to use our energy for something more than just everyday life! It's not just pleasure, but it's also building, shaping… like a project or a new life!

Creating permeates the cycle of life, it allows it to evolve!

Through the creative process we evolve, we understand our possibilities as well as our limits!

In short we can create our dream or our nightmare, in fact thanks to the law of attraction and the energies that we vibrate we tend to build a world around us, aligned to our thoughts, fears and dreams and aligned to our vibrations.

We each have our own creative potential. Even the one who has never picked up a pencil. Each of us has the potential to express our creative nature, each in a different way, because within the Cosmic whole, we are still unique and our uniqueness and knowledge is important to be shared with others. It is important to express our creativity because it allows us to rise from what is everyday and project ourselves into reality, into the feeling that we really want. In addition, creating allows us to express our emotions, good or bad, and turn them into something incredible like a photo or a cake!

Without the creative process there would be no life, there would be no flying of the bee from flower to flower, we would be automatons all the same. Instead we are beautiful souls who perceive in their own way the cosmos and its beauty. So let's express what we feel, let's believe in ourselves enough to create a life that makes us happy and that makes us realize our highest values and our mission. Let's take that pencil, that spoon, that pen in hand and express the emotions of our reality, let's express our true self and find our mission!

Maya makes us different, so why not use our uniqueness for a higher, fuller purpose that allows us to re-immerse ourselves in the consciousness of the Whole?!

It is not only work, it is not only homogeneity and routine, life is happiness, knowledge, evolution and creativity!


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