• Chiara Tunesi

The Energy of Life: Wasting or Aiming

We have always been told that to live a good life, one must be in abundance. But what is the true meaning of abundance? And how and where should we look for it? Abundance is not only money, abundance is the food that we have on our table, our knowledge, that we mature day by day, our wisdom, our way of living life and of course material objects.

Very often what we are looking for is quite superficial, i.e. it satisfies us for little and then we continue with another goal. This applies to objects, clothes, food, partners but also to one's career. We look for something more and we never find that something... Or maybe we do, if we change our perspective on observing the world and really understand what our purpose on this planet is.

The energy of life, animates us, permeates us and is simply inside us ...! Many times we look for it outside our soul, we expect to be comforted by others, when in reality it is only ourselves that through contemplation and meditation we can fill what we would normally fill with material and external objects. The abundance lies in us, in the Energy of life that animates us and that gives us the possibility to live this life both with the perception of a drop in the sea, but also with the very infinite and pure view of the sea that collects and welcomes each of these drops.

Even food, understood by us at many times as the engine of our life, should in truth be eaten with gratitude and thrift. In fact, regardless of the food we eat, every living being on this planet has emotions, even the plant suffers when we harvest it and then we eat it. So it is important to have care, love and gratitude for what we put into our body because it gives us the gift of its life to nourish our physical body. I was talking about moderation both to cause as little pain as possible to the living beings we eat, but also because it is important to remind ourselves that our true nourishment is the Energy of Life. We are much more than this body, we are BEINGS OF INFINITE LIGHT! So it is really important not to identify with the food we eat, it is necessary to nourish the material body but it is twice as important to nourish and heal our spirit of light!

But this identification problem also applies to the clothes we wear, or the house we have, or our career, etc. This is simply temporary! We are much more than that!

So it is really important, in this 2020 of Change, in which energies and frequencies are rising, to align ourselves with our True Purpose in Life! To choose to love and respect both ourselves, as body and soul, and the environment around us, which hosts us and gives us abundance and what we temporarily have. So let us not waste, but learn to understand what we really need! The answers are within us!! The Energy of love is always with us and feeds us with abundance! But it is necessary to learn to observe and recognize its manifestation! 

OPEN "ALL" YOUR EYES, AND "ALL" YOUR SENSES... With Love and Harmony


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