• Chiara Tunesi

Synchronicities: flowing with the Universe✨

Here we are, again on a Sunday, for an intuitive message!

This time we talk about …SYNCHRONICITIES!✨

Sometimes it can happen that we become aware of coincidences and repetitions of numbers or words in our daily lives! They are synchronicities and messages that the Universe sends us, so that we can understand and follow the most harmonious path for us.

One of the most famous signs is the repetition of 111 meaning potentiality, new beginnings, new energies…! Every time we catch synchronicity, let us be grateful to the Universe for these messages! And FLOW with them! In fact, not everyone grasps synchronicity... and when we do, it is a true gift! In fact it means that we are aligned with the Universe and are receptive to its messages! In order to be more in tune with the Universe, it is important to set aside time for meditation and to take care of your "inner garden"!

In fact, with a clearer and quieter mind, questions will be answered and synchronicities will also be messages for constant evolution and improvement! Many times the messages from the Universe can also arrive through random songs that we listen to! Let's be, therefore, always receptive and open! I wish you a beautiful Sunday and may your heart always shine with joy and love! Psssss..... Go check out my section regarding my treatments… Maybe you'll find something aligned with you!!! With Love Chiara

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