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Good morning and Happy Sunday!🌞💖

Welcome to a new Sunday blog! Today I'd like to talk about the sun, its importance, and the technique of sun gazing!

The sun, the great father of our solar system, is banned in our society and considered negative for our health! In reality, as the ancients already knew, the sun is related to us and gives us a lot of energy, as well as vitamins!

It is therefore important to re-establish a relationship with him. It will bring us not only physical but also psychic benefits, allowing us to broaden our vision. This is done more specifically through the technique of sun gazing. This can be done either one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset. The technique is done barefoot, possibly on Mother Earth, in an upright position. Start with 10 seconds a day on the first day, then add 10 seconds more each day until you reach 45 minutes. Done every day, it not only improves our well-being but also broadens our psychic vision, allowing us to see our reality from a new point of view! During these moments of intimacy with the sun, of open-eyed observation, it is important to be in a meditative state, that is, of relaxation and gratitude. It is also important to visualize how the sun's rays make changes in our body or in our emotions, such as bringing light to our fear, or bringing harmony to the daily stresses that we have. This technique will not only lead us to be more relaxed and more aware of our here and now, but it will also make us happier!

It will bring light and clarity into our lives, allowing us to fully see and understand our path!

The sun is medicine, but it is important to be careful! It is important to check every day what time the sun rises or sets, and it is important not to practice this technique during the hours when the UV rays are strongest!

For example, sunbathing itself is important to do in the early hours of the morning and in the few hours before sunset, never in the peak hours or in the middle of the day! Our body needs at least half an hour of sun per day, without applying toxic creams on the skin, but well done at times that do not compromise our health!

Obviously in serious health conditions it is important to avoid committing actions that may aggravate our health, so better to avoid! In some cases of simple sensitivity or doubts about this technique, better to start the process of sun gazing with eyes closed, it will still bring positive changes to our state of well-being!

Another way to gain solar light energy, and therefore clarity, vision and health is also the use of solarized water, which is pure water placed in a glass container and left in the sun. Drinking this water will benefit not only our physical body but especially our subtle bodies!

The sun is life! It allows this ecosystem to live, it allows living beings to grow, it gives us life! LOVE IT and LOVE US, giving us the possibility to enlighten every part of us!

Have you ever practiced sun gazing? And what is your relationship with the sun? Let me know in the comments! With LOVE and LIGHT,


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