• Chiara Tunesi


In the Scorpio season, we tend to be more introspective, to dig deep into our Subconscious. Swimming in the deepest seas of ourselves, and doing the "shadow work", we can overcome limits and fears that may have conditioned us for years and years. What does it mean to do the "Shadow Work"? Shadow Work means facing our shadow side, our wild Lilith, and bringing Light, Compassion and Understanding to this side of us. Many times, mistakenly, it is thought that the spiritual path is always roses and flowers and a lot of light… but to get to those roses, and their blooming, we have to start from the roots, which are in the dark, in the black earth. It is important to realize how much Maya has deceived us, how much we have not understood and, therefore, to turn on the light in the most remote meanders of our being! By bringing light, on our nightmares, traumas, emotions and fears, we bring clarity and awareness to our soul. Every step in the shadows with our inner light on, brings us closer to understanding and spiritual evolution.

It is important to realize how the ego conditions our lives and experiences, and how it can negatively impact our daily lives. To do the Shadow Work is therefore also to relate to our egotic dimension, and to observe the difference between uniqueness and ego.  I,as an individual, am unique in these human and animal features, but I am always a drop that encloses the infinite sea. And this is true for any other person, or animal, or plant, or living or non-living being.

Through our human experience we evolve our Infinite consciousness to get closer to the Whole, the great Ocean: God.

The ego, diverts our self from the Highway to infinite consciousness, and engulfs us in Maya's conditioning. Through the practice of meditation and Mindfulness, we can begin the first steps towards liberation and understanding what is truly real and important for our being. Cultivating both practices not only makes us more aware of our daily reality, but also calms Ego, allowing us to find the path of our soul. Face your fears, what you hide inside you and you will find LIGHT and PEACE. What do you think about this theme? Have you already practiced Meditation? Do you know Mindfulness? …To know more, read my blog articles about the two practices! You can also find more information in the Treatments section! With Love and Peace, Chiara

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