• Chiara Tunesi


Heeeey! Here we are we another thought of the week...!

Sometimes we ask ourselves... "Why am I here? What am I doing here? What is the meaning of my existence?"

The answer lies in our Dharma, our Karma and our expansion of consciousness.

Each of us has unique singularities to bring on Earth and life, with its battles, defeats and victories, forges us to become the best version of ourselves every day.

But not only to be able to say "I am successful!" from a material point of view and to be accepted by others, but also and ABOVE ALL to allow us to evolve on a key of spiritual expansion.

It is by putting ourselves on the line every day to push our limits, that we are able to expand. It is important to open our minds not only to new physical challenges but also to spiritual ones, giving ourselves time not only to think about our jobs or our bodies but above all to take care of our souls.

By meditating, we not only relax, but also expand our consciousness, allowing us to overturn our reality with new truths!

The portal to this "new" consciousness lies within us.

It is simply by inwardly focusing and meditating that we can come to the true knowledge of Our Self and the Universe! Let's take some time for ourselves, to find our True Selves and forge the path that our soul wants to take!

Sink your roots into the Earth, but let your branches expand into the Universe! With Love,


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