• Chiara Tunesi

Returning to simplicity

Happy Sunday everyone! Here we are for the weekly blog...this week I'd like to highlight the theme of simplicity and naturalness.

As we have grown up in this society, many of the things that are around us are no longer natural, but are modified.

This distances us from the true nature of who we are, it distances us from the essence of the world that surrounds us and that is within us.

We create very tall skyscrapers, but we detach our roots from the Earth.

We eat super refined foods that are so refined that they don't contain anything anymore.

But we dissolve ourselves in an idea of beauty, in a fictitious idea of satisfaction and happiness.

Because after eating this refined and complex food, we are not happy, we do not feel energetic.

Because even though we live above the clouds, we still feel we don't belong in the world we live in.

And everything fades away... But we continue, one desire after another to move further and further away from our true essence.

Beauty is in everything that is simple, that can be touched by hand and soul. What is essential and vital is within the reach of all of us. Let's rethink what we eat! Is it good for us? Why not start eating by rediscovering the taste of food, starting with simple flavors: like a single apple. Do we remember what it tastes like? Or do we remember much more our social feed that we were scrolling through while we were eating? It is essential for our physical and psychic well-being to return to the essence, to be present in the here and now, to truly act positively for ourselves and all of creation.

Starting step by step.

Observing and relearning how to breathe.

By observing and enjoying simple dishes that are good for us and for our health.

By watching where we go as we walk.

By listening to the words others say to us, every single word.

By listening and sensing our soul and the Cosmos in every single moment.

Everything will come to us simply, allowing us to grasp the essence of the Whole.

With Love,


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