• Chiara Tunesi


The old year is coming to an end, but the new year is also about to begin and this week, there will be the big trasformative date of December 21, 2020!

This date will mark a great shift of energies, allowing increasingly both the Earth and us to harmonize with the fifth dimension: The Unconditional LOVE!

So it's really important to catch this moment of energetic evolution, to revolutionize and question ourselves! In fact, by releasing old patterns, blocks, bad habits, emotions and more, we allow unconditional love to be rooted in us and to be part of our daily life.

Our happiness is in the HERE and NOW!

We simply have to move the veils that deny us to see in a wider way the infinity that is in us and the wholeness that is in the Everything. And this is the time, the right time to change, to love ourselves more and act with a positive will on and for our lives! So let us broaden our view, our knowledge, let us change! Let's look conscientiously and deeply at what we consume, and this applies to food, water but also the content that we absorb every day from social networks and media!!

Let's learn to let go of what is no longer good for us, that doesn't serve Our Highest Good and the Highest Good of All… And let's live with deep love and joy every single moment, even the one that may seem the darkest!

The great and brilliant wonder lies within us!

Let us be open to change and navigate the unknown, because it will allow us to transmute and evolve more and more! With Love


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