• Chiara Tunesi


Many times we are kidnapped in vicious circles of thought that take us away from our present, making us wander either in the past or in the future.

In many cultures, especially in the Oriental one, it is explained many times how important it is to stay in the here and now, without going too far in everything that has been and everything that will be.

In fact, by remaining anchored to a passive and memory oriented thought, our being tends to get depressed and not to love and actually live the present.

In the case instead of living excessively in the future, this leads our being to live of anxiety, of castles of programs about what we will do. But now what are we doing to live and build our present?

In both cases we are not living, we are following imaginary paths, supported by our mind and our ego.

And here comes meditation!

Meditation is a scientific process that helps us to live in the here and now. In fact, it allows us to calm our body, our breath, our heartbeat … it makes us aware of our thoughts, our feelings.

It not only restores our mental health, but also purifies our energies, allowing our body not to be affected by the negative energy caused by our thoughts.

And when all these thoughts come and pile up… Let them go! LET'S THEM ALL GO …AND REMAIN IN THE HERE AND NOW.


Our everyday life many times leads us to swing from a state of anxiety to one of depression, and this is where meditation comes into play. Practicing meditation at least once a day, it allows us to re-balance and refocus on what is really our essence, without living too much of emotions that are not ours and conditioned by the external environment.

So let's take this time, let's love not only our body but also our soul! Let's become our own fulcrum of our interest… let's free ourselves from the chains of thought and live with awareness our present to enter the dimension of the infinite!

Let's remember that what we live, what we have, represented by Maya, is simply like a movie script! So let's let go of the nefarious thoughts and remember that there is much more… There is peace and endless joy!

With Peace and Love


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