• Chiara Tunesi

Preparing us for a NEW YEAR!!💥

Welcome...and we're almost there! 2021 is just around the corner! Today, I have decided to consult the tarot cards, which will give us an insight into how to present ourselves in this transit!

As the first card we have the Pope!

Indeed, this year, which is coming to an end, has allowed us to learn a lot, has given us challenges and a lot of stillness. We have learned a lot by staying in our homes, we have re-evaluated our lives, our priorities... we have matured and we have made important decisions for ourselves and perhaps also for the people beside us!

Then we have the Ten of Cups!

It is important to be thankful for the people next to us, who have accompanied us and will accompany us during this new year! This year 2021 will bring the celebration of love in its totality! Through past challenges, we have opened ourselves up to review our concept of love, and so in the new year we will be able to truly appreciate and understand what love is. We are in the Fifth dimension! Let us express love for every living and non-living being! Let us open ourselves totally to this shift!

What do we need to improve for this 2021? We have the World here!

It is important to reconnect with the One! Let's begin to meditate more consistently, let's begin to actually dedicate ourselves to our spiritual growth. Through this work on ourselves, we can actually change our reality.

Let's not simply follow the masses! Let's learn to listen to our intuition and not simply our Ego! Beyond what we believe is real, there are incredible dimensions of pure love and light!

Let's listen to our inner voice, cross the shadows and embrace the light! Let's return and appreciate our HERE and NOW!

And to top it off we have the Five of Cups!

It reminds us to open ourselves to the world, not to be afraid and to deeply love every living and non-living being! Let us learn to let go of what is no longer for us, let us set boundaries and allow our inner garden to grow and blossom freely!

Let's open ourselves to the new, let's know and love!

The Universe is not darkness, but total LOVE!

With this short message, I wish you a happy New Year and may the light always shine on your path!

With love 💜


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