• Chiara Tunesi

Moving the ENERGIES through your body!

Good morning and happy Sunday!

Today I'm feeling motivated to talk about energy, both physical and vital!

Both need to be stimulated to flow through our body, and in both cases it's very important to do some healthy movement! It doesn't mean becoming a bodybuilder, it means being aware of our health and allowing every part of our body to express its potential. In addition, running, jumping, swimming or doing yoga exercises can regenerate our body but also our mental and psychological state! It refreshes us, brings us new energy! During this global pandemic we have all been subjected to more or less sedentary lives, and this is where our willpower comes into play to get up and take care of our body and soul! Physical energy is obviously also stimulated by what we introduce into our body, such as water, food, medicines, etc... . So it is very important to put in our engine healthy food, such as fruits and vegetables, but also water if possible from source and avoid overloading with medicines. It's really important to look for the reason why we need to take certain junk foods, drinks or even medicines (obviously not those to fight serious diseases). In fact, by introducing unsuitable or heavy fuel, we won't want to move our energy and therefore we won't have the strength or interest to progress and evolve or simply try to realize our dreams and projects. So let's start to take care of ourselves in a sustainable and conscious way, not to become paranoid but to be so healthy to be able to understand that we are not only our body, but much more!

By nourishing and caring for our physical body in a balanced way, we are then able to stabilize our life energy. Vital energy, of course, undergoes its changes not only by the physical condition of the person but also by his psychological and emotional condition.

The VITAL ENERGY resides mainly in three channels:


Ida represents the negative, passive, irrational, introspective force and is associated with the moon. It is situated in the left part of the body. Pingala represents the channel where positive, more rational and active energy flows and is associated with the sun. It is situated in the right part of the body.

While Sushumna Nadi is the neutral channel and it is situated in the central part of the body, in correspondence of the spine.

When our energies flow in a balanced way in our body and when we are in a state of deep peace, like MEDITATION, the vital energy moves from the two channels Ida and Pingala to the central channel so that we can unite with the Cosmic and experience a state of deep peace! This is the state to which our soul, that is WE, long for! So, in reality, reforming our lives and changing our daily habits can be really useful to us because not only does it allow us to be healthy, but it allows us to limit our stress and broaden our vision of life.

Everything needs to be balanced and getting closer to a life of balance and love for ourselves and others is an immense gift that we give to ourselves and to the world!

Let's move more and breathe deeply! Let's learn to see our everyday life as a great opportunity to evolve and improve! Let's reconnect to our Higher Self and to Nature! The truth we seek is dormant in us, let's reignite it! With love, Chiara

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