• Chiara Tunesi


Happy Sunday everyone!!!

This week I found myself reflecting on the concept of Love.

In our society, even love is a business, a happening, a search for someone or something that completes and satisfies us. This means that the relationships that are woven, both with friends and possible lovers, are based on a toxic principle of necessity and research, sometimes also based on distorted ideas of perfection.

This happens because in many cases we do not really know what love is or where to look for it, and then we wander between a movie and a book to understand how to capture "the person of our life"!

But love is not sought after.... Love is!

In this new dimension, love is everywhere, and it is in each one of us: it is a very high vibration that permeates the whole Universe. We are here to welcome this vibration, to open ourselves to this feeling! There is no need to search, but rather to discover this feeling in us. Simply by loving ourselves, we can love and receive love from other beings. Of course, loving ourselves is not that simple. We humans are so tied to our bodies and to matter that we are unable to grasp the beauty and uniqueness of ourselves and of the existence we are living. But it is by detaching ourselves from the distorted vision we have of ourselves and the world around us that we can access Love. Letting go of what is no longer ours, and opening ourselves to the understanding of the Universe and our soul.

Letting go of our materialism, to understand to the fullest the infinite being of light that we are!

To love is to also recognize our masculine and our feminine, and allow ourselves to experience the alchemical marriage of these two energies that exist within us. Whether we are men or women, there is no difference. Each of us has a masculine to welcome and a feminine to empower. Because of the patriarchal society we thought that the feminine was weak and that the masculine was a brute force: but it is not so! They are two energies that need each other, that balance harmoniously in us and in the Universe (yin and yang).

To love and to understand love it is therefore necessary to be in that state of harmony and balance in which both energies, masculine and feminine, are welcomed.

At that moment love is! It is not a necessity, it is a becoming, a flowing with the universe and with every living and non-living being. We are complete and joyful because we have achieved the alchemical union within us.

With Love and Peace,


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