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Looking for Answers!

Good morning and happy Sunday everyone!🌞

Welcome to a new weekly blog!

Today I'd like to talk about questions, those that sooner or later each one of us will ask himself in the course of his life. Some earlier, some later, but inevitably these questions will arise. In some cases they may arise from a willingness not to accept and change what is the natural course of life, in other cases out of curiosity and in many others out of necessity. The inner and spiritual search will reveal itself in front of us and the answers will obviously not be easy to find. In fact, there are infinite ways, there are various levels of answers, but through each layer of knowledge we will be able to find the answer that will truly satisfy our soul, and we will discover that it has always been there within us... a bit like when we look for the car keys and they are right in front of our eyes. That veil of uncertainty lifts and all becomes clear.

Many will wonder why we ask these questions, because in many cases, this inner search is born from a deep pain that permeates our daily life. And the answer is because our soul is not satisfied with the simple daily routine, it knows that there is something more, it yearns for something more!

It is normal to have these doubts! Every living and non-living being is here and cyclically asks itself questions, and it is the strength of these questions that makes it move from one state to another, in an evolutionary dance of knowledge! This dance makes each one of us unique and allows us to merge into the great universal ocean! The soul knows that we tend to swing from one material desire to another, to quote Schopenhauer, and it tries to direct us towards what it really needs. Through pain and lack, but also curiosity, it leads us to listen and begin to want to find the real answers! There is no right answer to these questions, but there is an answer that resonates most with us! Our guide in this process will be our intuition and our determination to let go of what is not part of us, of dogmas, rules... Opening ourselves to the new, to love and to feel! Then we will truly find what we need!

Love for ourselves and for every living and non-living being around and within us is the key that allows us to navigate the oceans of consciousness and peace of Soul! Let us not be afraid of the shadows, of the incessant questions of the mind! Let's face them and give space to knowledge, like curious children! Joy and peace will become part of our existence in a profound way and everything will have meaning! Let me know if you've found answers to your questions and what path you've pursued...and if you're interested or in need, contact me for sessions! You can find everything in the Book Now section! With joy and love, Chiara

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