• Chiara Tunesi


During life, wandering, we seek the answers to which our soul tends, and many times, during our search, we get lost, we become fooled in Maya.

… So we are SEEKERS... But what are we really looking for?

Our senses inebriate us and make us think that what we need is outside of us… "Buy me, buy me...!"  But this is only illusion and disappointment. What we will buy, what we will love, will satisfy our need for a limited time, and therefore, we will again be in search of true fulfillment. And then we will ask ourselves… What is it I am looking for? Isn't it a bigger car? Isn't it a newer smartphone? What is it? Well, we are looking for something that is inside of us but that is also outside of us, pervading every single atom in the Universe and beyond: we are looking for UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, our Soul:

God within and without us.

The answer, which may seem simple and obvious, is not. This search is long, but on its way it gives light, love and unimaginable understanding (try to believe!). Starting this path, our intuition awakens, and what previously seemed a coincidence becomes a synchronicity! The whole Universe aligns for our research! Everything we live becomes a springboard for evolution and understanding. And in the darkest moments, even the darkest ones, light illuminates and gives understanding and... there will be no need for more, because we are all we need. We just need to discover ourselves: so.. Let's stop, breathe, love and flow with the cosmos. Everything we need, real need, will manifest and our path will unfold before our eyes. BE CONSCIOUS AND MINDFUL OF YOUR REALITY! Find the flap of the veil that numbs our eyes and discover the deepest reality! WE ARE ALWAYS SUPPORTED AND LOVED! Find your path… and if you need help write me or look at my Online Services section! With Peace and Love Chiara

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