• Chiara Tunesi

Learning HOW to LOVE!

Good morning and welcome back to our Sunday column!🌞

Today I'd like to highlight an issue that is manifesting itself, in a negative way, in many parts of the world in recent weeks: Acceptance and Love.

That is to say, in many parts of the world there is an increasing manifestation of non acceptance for the other and, therefore, a lack of love towards the other. Lately this difference between us and them has been underlined! But in reality there is no difference, if not the historical and cultural difference of each country. Beyond that, we are all equal, we are all brothers and sisters: we are all infinite souls! We are all infinite souls who know love! We are made of light and love, but we tend to settle into feelings of fear and violence! In these months we have seen disparity, abandonment, wars, deaths, and we have always seen them so far from us, so far from our cultures, from our everyday life! But it is not like that. We have entered the age of the aquarium! Everything is global and reachable: we are all one side by side and this must allow us to open our horizons and understand that despite what may have been cultural differences or gender, we are all brothers and sisters and we must learn to love! Learning to love means opening our hearts to others, regardless of their gender, their country of birth, their feelings... We are infinite souls made of pure love, and we can give our love indiscriminately! It's up to us to get rid of patriarchal preconceptions, it's up to us to work and get rid of what has been imprinted on us to foster our spiritual, emotional and social growth and to foster that of future generations. This topic can also be applied to the issues of climate, environment and Mother Earth! Let's learn to give voice to our love!

Let's love all that we are and have!

Let's not take anything for granted! Opening our hearts should not frighten us, but it will expand our feelings and our way of living life!

Let's open our hearts, our fourth chakra!

Let us meditate and learn to feel part of the Whole, brothers and sisters of the Universe!!!

Thank you for reading this little message! If you need advice or have any questions feel free to contact me! If you want to book a session click here!💖 With light and love, Chiara

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