• Chiara Tunesi


In yogic culture we are not simply composed of a physical body (Gross body), but we are also composed of an astral body and a causal body. The physical body is the gross body, up to the causal body which has the finest energies. These three bodies define us. Everything that enters our bodies shapes our vibrations and our being.

So it is really important to observe what we put into us! Both from a physical point of view (like food, drinks, habits…) and from an energetic point of view (the programs we see, the people we hang out with…). In fact, everything that enters our auric field produces a certain effect. It is therefore very important to dedicate ourselves to a cyclical cleansing.

This cleansing could be committing to eating raw for a period of time or doing fasts, or simply cleaning our social media of contacts that are no longer aligned with our energies.

Let's take care of ourselves, let's take time to love ourselves and see and appreciate how much we have done, how much we have evolved!

Let's not adapt to what we should be, let's explore beyond the veil and rediscover ourselves positively!

Let's take time to do yoga and stretching, let's create a new routine that can bring us physical, mental and emotional well-being!

Let's meditate!

Let's be grateful, both for each and every snowflake and for each and every precious lesson we are given each day.

And even if it's painful to cut the cord with what's not good for us, let's take the path, step by step, calmly. Each step will make us more aware and more free!

I am about to begin a small period of fasting, both physical and from social media…. what about you?😊🔥


With Love,


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