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From Caterpillar to Butterfly…

Hi you all beautiful souls!!đź’–

This week I picked three cards from one of my oracular decks, asking for a message to be sent to us that could be beneficial for our evolution… So, we just have to start seeing what cards they are and their messages!

The first oracle card that came up is a SQUARE.

The figure of the square has always represented stability, concreteness, materiality and thanks to its four sides can be traced back to the first chakra, the root chakra, which anchors us in the material world. Usually the square of the first chakra is also surrounded by a circle, symbol of the soul.

The questions on which we could reflect, analyzing ourselves through this figure, are: How attached am I to stability? Do I feel stable? What is my concept of stability? Has my thinking about this issue evolved despite the paradigms dictated by family and society? It is important to realize that 4 is a static number of stability, in which one can feel " have arrived", but in reality there is much more to discover. In fact, after the number 4 there is the 5, that is, the change, the upheaval, the transcending of the material in order to venture into the search for new spiritual and astral planes. We have a similar analogy in tarot, where symbolism and numerology are very important!

In fact, the fourth major arcana is represented by the emperor, rich, who is on the throne in his stability and materiality, while the fifth major arcana is the pope, who not only has material stability, but through spirituality and wisdom, crosses the visible and the invisible, opening himself to spirituality and receptivity.

So acting towards our daily life in a wiser and more intuitive way!

The second oracular card drawn is that of the PSYCHE.

Psyche, in Greek mythology and philosophy, represents the vital breath, the soul. How much does our concept of stability affect our psyche?

In the yogic culture, but also generally in many other spiritual journeys, stability comes and, it is made concrete, through the profound search of the soul: the search for God. By finding the true essence, the true bliss of life, one has stability. Which is not simply exterior and material, it is much more! It is a stability and inner security that permeates our whole being and our perception of the whole cosmos!

The third oracular card is TRANSFORMATION.

Transformation is the KEY POINT:

Through our change in our vision of stability and life, we can go beyond many limits and truly give magic to our existence. Even small steps, moved in change and awareness, can allow us to taste and understand the infinite and the true essence of life. Transforming ourselves is like going from a caterpillar to a butterfly. We have to trust, commit ourselves and let go, with the understanding that something is coming to an end and a chapter, an even wider and more beautiful vision is about to appear before us. Let's leave the material, what we are attached to which we believe to be stable, but which is only an illusion! Let's question ourselves and jump!

Our wings are beautiful, strong and shiny… let's trust and know the Universe, perceiving it in its true totality and knowing that it is always there to protect us and allow us to evolve and know!

With Love and Light,


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