• Chiara Tunesi

Free your SOUL!

Happy Sunday and welcome to this new weekly blog!

This week I'd like to talk about what we've forgotten, what we haven't cultivated....

When we are children, one of the greatest sources of our entertainment was our own imagination.

Through our dreams, our thoughts and what we experience daily, we create our own reality of imagination that we then transmit into games, drawings... into creations!

However, when we are gradually inserted into a well-defined social scheme, in which leisure is not totally contemplated, but in some cases is found in a competitive envelope, such as sports or school grades, in many cases begins this detachment from our imagination to enter into a more limited and rational worldview.

We no longer see at 360 degrees, allowing ourselves to see invisible things, instead we castrate ourselves to look for a job that makes us gain millions but that in reality does not fulfill our real soul needs!

We have forgotten to imagine, we have forgotten to be free, we have forgotten everything that is beyond the rational dimension in which we live!

But we need more! In these months of seclusion, in which we found ourselves wondering what to do now, how to actually change this reality! Well, the change does not come from an external source, but simply from ourselves, putting ourselves first and trying to actually understand what our needs are. What do we want our vision to look like? By truly imagining and creating a positive reality for ourselves but also for the collective, by manifesting it, we can truly be happy!

Let's give space to our inner child, let him express himself, let's allow him to create his dreams that are also ours!

Life is a journey with a destination, let's reach this destination to which our soul aspires so much. Let's realize the projects that we so much wanted to realize, let's create the basis for something that is truly ours!

Let's love each other so much that we don't forget but remember and evolve each of our ideas! We can create the change that the Universe and Mother Earth need!

Let's rediscover our essence, let's reconnect our roots with our home!

Let's really be ourselves!

We are an infinite soul, temporarily connected to this human body!

Let this connection allow not only our own evolution of consciousness, but also that of any other living and non-living being!

Be here and now!

With Love,


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