• Chiara Tunesi

Flowing freely!

Good morning and happy Sunday!🌞

Welcome again to this weekly blog... today I would like to talk about a topic that is dear to me: that is free flowing!🌿🌾

This topic is very dear to me, because ever since I can remember I've always been rigid, and I've always considered myself clumsy in my movements, so that I couldn't flow. This obviously didn't only have an impact on my lack of ability to dance, but also on a more emotional and psychological sphere: the lack of flow and letting go in life!

Then came the Epiphany!

Flowing, dancing among the events of life is like meditating, it's like flying! It's knowing how to take courage and show to ourselves and to the universe the beauty of our essence! It is to realize that there is no good or bad, right or wrong... but there are feelings, emotions, thoughts... and it is necessary to give them a voice! It is necessary to flow and dance with life!

Allowing us to vibrate our body and our emotions is not simply relaxing for some and energetic for others, but it is a moment of awareness directed both to our body and to the union with our soul and to the awareness of our presence in the universe, of the presence of every element and being, living and not living.

It is an awareness that allows us to know ourselves and free ourselves from all the weights, ties, ideologies that are not ours.

Let's undress the social weights and dance on the notes of life with great gratitude! Let us give thanks for every sunrise and sunset... this cyclicity that brings us to harmonize!

It is important to blunt our blocks, our rigidity and open ourselves to what we believe is totally different from us! Because in reality every dimension has something to teach us and to give us! Everything can lead us to the great epiphany, the great knowledge of ourselves!

Moving freely, feeling every cell of our body, embracing Pacha Mama, helps us to understand that we are much more than our physical body, because with our aura, with our being souls, we embrace the infinite universe and beyond!

Let us dance and give thanks... let us feel our roots dipping into Gaia and our branches reaching out to the Moon and the Sun... we are children of the Universe!

With this wonderful summer, let's dance outdoors barefoot in the sand or on the lawns...let's connect to the Nature!

With Love and Peace,


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