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Flower Essences: a way to find your self

Good morning and Happy Sunday!🌞🌸🌺

Welcome back to a new weekly blog! Today I would like to introduce the topic of flower essences!

In fact, they can be really useful if we are really willing to change our reality!

The best known flower essences, and discovered first, are those of Bach! But there are many others, Australian, Californian, Pacific, Italian... In short, really a lot! Bach's flower therapy is not only aimed at the recognition of the personality of the person who takes the essence, but also has an intrinsic Christian vision of life, while the other essences, developed later, are created on spiritual thoughts and aimed at solving contemporary problems (of our age) or which Bach has not deepened, such as sexuality. Many people wonder what flower essences are and why they are used!

Let's get started!

Floral essences are liquids containing the vibrations of flowers, collected with specific methods. What we are going to assume is actually a dilution of the essence! These dilutions are compounds made of water and alcohol, such as gin or brandy, to which are added essences of flowers. Flowers are the highest expression of cosmic consciousness in the plant world, they are a gift given to us by nature! They, like any living or non-living being, have their own unique vibration that if assumed can positively change our personal vibrations. An energetic and emotional change only occurs if the intake is done consciously: that is, if you are not aware of the change you want to activate, but you are simply passive, they will not implement any change. They are not a medication that acts regardless of our attitude. Our attitude, way of thinking and emotions have a great weight and without the right mindset the flower essences will not help us.

In addition, the flower essences are not taken to solve a symptom, but to restore the complete well-being of the person. Through this therapy the physical, spiritual and mental plan are inseparable, the changes will be seen all-round, because we will begin to harmonize, to let go of all those blocks that have always crystallized. So working with flower essences, but also crystals and mushroom essences, is transformative if we are ready and aware of this path of transformation! It is up to us to choose to really open up to ourselves and to our soul and follow the path that is most aligned for us. Flower remedies are not cures, they are ways to expand our vision of reality and ourselves, which help us to find our way! They are truly a gift because they can open us up and make us understand not only our own potentials but the Universal ones, allowing us to honor who we are, our origins and to let go of old patterns that have limited us. They allow us to go from caterpillar to butterfly!🐛🌟🦋 So why not get started! Let's find ourselves and vibrate with love!

With Love and Light, Chiara

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