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FLORITHERAPY for animals: why to use it

Good morning and welcome to a new Sunday blog!🌞💖

Today I'd like to talk about flower essences, specifically Bach flower essences, in relation to their use for animals.

In fact, the flower essences, although well known, in reality for many remain a mystery, something incomprehensible and therefore they can not understand the potential! Flower essences are used to reharmonize and balance the overall well-being of people, animals, plants, environments...!

The most famous are the Bach flower essences, but there are plenty of them!

Disclaimer: flower essences have neither negative nor side effects on the body, but of course, to be well chosen, especially if we are beginners in this sense, it is important to consult a holistic naturopath or a flower therapist, so that the flowers used are the most correct in relation to the current situation we are living.

Returning to animals, as supported by scientific studies, they feel emotions similar to ours, such as joy, pain, desolation, sadness, compassion, etc. …But of course they do not express them in words as we do. It is therefore up to us, care givers, to empathically understand their state of being.

So it is important to understand how they express their emotions and ways of being! Pets, as well as us, have their own unique energy vibrations and the balance of this energy is essential for their well-being!

So Bach flowers help re-harmonize their vibrational imbalances! Some of their uses include: - help to process the effects of emotional trauma and physical shock; - work on the fear of leaving the house, or fear of thunderstorms and fireworks; - effective on carsickness, discomfort and suffering, etc..

It is important to understand that flower essences do not stimulate a change but a rebalancing! Whenever flowers are administered to the pet, it is important that the owner also takes them. In fact, in many cases are the same energies emitted by the owner that negatively affect and energetically unbalance the animal. Therefore, by following the therapy together, the pet and the care giver can benefit and rebalance themselves!

Whenever we notice changes in the way of being of our "four-legged" friends, it is very important to do a behavior analysis on ourselves and understand if we have changed, our routine has changed! For example we can be sadder or more stressed and this way of being affects our surroundings and those around us! Let's learn to observe and love ourselves, others, and our pets! By paying attention to our here and now and balancing ourselves with Nature and the Universe we can find the Harmony, Peace and Love we seek!

With Love and Light,


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