• Chiara Tunesi


Journaling is a mindful practice that helps us to fully express ourselves in the absence of self-critical judgement.

This exercise has its benefits even if practiced simply two minutes every day.

And you'll wonder… why? There's your answer! Even just two minutes a day of journaling allow you to release tensions and vicious mental circles that could stagnate within you!

Writing helps, not only to reflect and understand what is happening in your life, but also allows you to celebrate your intuitions and to understand what limits you in your daily life.

when writing, it's important to let your mind flow into your thoughts without censoring it. Censorship is what stops you from understanding the problem. If you allow yourself to write down all your thoughts you can get to the core of what you consider the problem.

so... I challenge you!

Get a little notebook, new, that you like and that gives you confidence. For 5 days write for at least two minutes referring to your daily experiences, your emotions, your relationships with people and environments, your thoughts and habits.

On the sixth day, pick up your diary and read again what you wrote in the previous days. Identify if there are any repeating patterns. Note if there are situations and emotions, maybe constant in your routine, that deserve your attention. See if there are painful and unwanted thoughts, or if there are toxic relationships and brings love and understanding to these areas of your life.

Journaling is a process of rediscovering our inner wisdom that allows us to work on ourselves to bring energy of love into your life!

In case you love to draw and doodle, take pencils and colored pens and communicate your emotions through colors and drawings.

identify each emotion with a particular color and make your experience even more profound. Let the creative energy in you flow and let your emotions flow.

You can decide to alternate writing and drawing, or you can write with colored pens or also you can decide to simply draw. The focal point of this practice is not the way you do it, but the release of old emotions that you no longer need.

Even simply coloring a mandala can have the same effect!

To make the activity even more performing, assign each emotion a color! The more you use a certain paint, the more you have felt the emotion linked to it.

Always look at what you write or your drawings from a perspective of love and not judgment, you are unique and wonderful as you are. Every experience we live is made for us, to allow us to evolve.

Infinite Light,


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