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THE ENERGY OF THE WEEK THAT AWAITS US (11th October 2020 – 18th October 2020) with Tarots!

Hi my dears, here we are again with our weekly blog that, through Tarot cards and Oracles, will give us suggestions and informations on the energies of the week that is about to begin!

… Let’s get started!!

🤍 At the beginning of the week we find ourselves interfacing with the energy of the SUN!

The Sun is a card that indicates prosperity, happiness, light, new beginnings as well as crowning dreams. It has an active and masculine energy and it illuminates our beginning of the week, bringing us the energies that will help us to create new projects, to design our life purpose in reality!

The motto of the Sun is ACT: act on our reality to make our dreams come true!

The Sun, in Astrology, is also connected to the energy of the zodiac sign of Leo, a sign of fire, which takes action, which enhances and knows its own value.

So for this start of the week, let us believe in ourselves. WE CAN REALIZE OUR DREAMS, we have all the faculties and knowledge!

In addition to this card there is the Oracle "Birthing a New Age", that encourages us to give life to new projects and to dream of a new world into being!

So let's meditate, connect to our higher Self and shape our path!

🤍 In the middle of the week we have the energy of the JUDGEMENT!

This card announces renewal and change.

If we gave ourselves a chance, at the beginning of the week, to create, to start a new path, this will dictate a change in our routine, an AWAKENING, a new AWARENESS!

This card reminds us to let go of compromises and embrace our new lifestyle or thought form completely!

Let's trust ourselves and follow our dreams!

In case we feel upset and insecure, oracles remind us to DANCE WITH LIFE, to harmonize with it! Let us mediate, let us dance, let us be grateful! Let us balance our energies and everything will become clear!

🤍 In the last part of the week we have the energy of the LOVERS!

This card introduces the theme of LOVE, pure and balanced, as well as passionate.

During these weekend days, we could meet someone who will light up the heart as well as we could rediscover new passions related to the life project we have started.

Let us learn to love ourselves more and to love consciously and deeply what we create.


Moreover, oracles bring us the figure of the Star Mother, with the question: how can we mother ourselves? How can we give ourselves love and understanding?

Let us reunite with the Star Mothers and give ourselves love!

Let us give love to our projects.

Let us support ourselves and our creations!


This week will be a bright week, that will help us to break ancestral patterns and that will give energy and creative emotion to our life projects!

Have a wonderful week! …and for more information and therapies go see my Online Services!

With Harmony and Peace!


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