• Chiara Tunesi


Every day we meet a lot of people, for example at the supermarket, subway, office or shopping malls and many times after a while a headache, a dizziness begins to appear. This happens because every time we are in contact with people, who we may not know but who share an environment with us, we find ourselves in contact with their energy fields, which in most cases may be very low frequency. Even if people are angry or negative, they transmit this feeling like ripples to others, giving the people around them a bad mood or a headache.

Obviously the solution is not to lock yourself at home!! Let's start from a first point, which is to realize the relationships that we weave: the circle close to us! Are they positive relationships or full of drama and confusion? If they bring us negativity or anger, why don't we cut away these dry branches? What is the unresolved lesson (Karma) that we need to learn?

Let us always remember that others are our mirror, and every living and non-living being can give us an incredible lesson!

At this point we move on to the outer circle, the people we have more or less contact with, until we reach the crowds in the big shopping malls!

First of all, if we know someone and feel that he/she is not a person aligned with our thoughts, it is not necessary to keep him/her in our lives, but it is more than fair to thank him/her for the understanding he/she has given us and let him/her go.

It is not important to have a lot of connections, but healthy connections!

In the case of large crowds... There is obviously the solution, that is... The cleaning of our energie bodies, through incense or even through the singing bowl!

In this case, whenever we return from work, shopping or a meeting with friends, it is important to clean our energy field. This is done with Palo Santo, or even other types of Incense. Through the smoke it produces, we make a tour of the entire contour of our body, from feet to head, every little corner!! And then we focus on the Seven main Chakras! The same effect can be achieved by playing the Singing Bowl, by immersing ourselves in the sound waves it produces!

PLEASE NOTE: in both cases it is really important to keep our INTENTION clear in our head! For example we can say mentally or verbally "I use this incense to cleanse my energies and re-balance myself."

We can also take a relaxing bath with essential oils, and ask the water to cleanse us from negativity!

Everyone can adopt the technique as they prefer, but it is really important for our Balance and for our Spirit to clean both our Energy Field and our Environment. In fact, even in the house we should clean the energies. This can be made both with the air re-circulation but also with the periodic cleaning of the Energies through always Palo Santo, Incense, Essential Oils or the Singing Bowl!

Take care not only of your physical body, but also of your energie bodies! Protect, love and balance yourself and your environment!!

Recognize the emotions that are yours from those that don't belong to you!

Stay in the here and now, in a state of Love and Understanding. We are all here to learn and DISCOVER our deep emotions and our LIGHT!

Lots of light


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