• Chiara Tunesi

Changes and Revelations✨

With the current planetary situation, Mars conjunct Uranus in the sign of Taurus, we feel an energy of change.

A change, which if taken positively, can reveal a lot and can allow us to positively modify our reality! For example, it could allow us to get out of a situation that is no longer positive for us, that forces us, such as a job that is no longer suitable for us or a relationship or friendship that is no longer aligned with us. Uranus is looking for freedom from things that constrain us, that limit us and that are no longer positive for us, while Mars, quite impulsively, allows us to make this cut or this understanding. It is therefore important to try to modulate the energy of Mars and Uranus, so that we are aware of the choices we are making, therefore allowing us not to be at the mercy of our emotions, but to flow with them consciously.

An epiphany, which could happen to us, is the desire to understand who we are and what we are doing here: the discovery of our Dharma.

Dharma can be defined as the purpose of our life, why we are here, with our features, our talents, thoughts… And each one of us has his own reason to be here, and through our uniqueness we have the task to uplift Humanity and Mother Earth! If we have already begun to work on ourselves or are about to begin, it is important to know that the path we are on is as wonderful as it is challenging, but it will lead us to the true essence, to what our soul truly craves. Our soul wants to regain its potentials, its understandings and it wants to evolve in this incarnation as well!

So let's make the most of this astrological moment to lift the veil of Maya that keeps us away from our true Self.

Let's broaden our views and believe in ourselves! Let's cut off what hurts us, and what is no longer aligned with us… Because simply by facing the problems, and therefore the pain, we can really understand and overcome our limitations, and evolve more and more! Then we will live a life that is more and more aligned with our values, with our soul potential!

We are not just our body or just our mind… We are infinite souls, beings of LIGHT! Let's understand and love each other so much that we can improve our condition more and more!

Let's not limit ourselves, let's expand infinitely! With Love,


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