• Chiara Tunesi

Can you recognize the emotions you feel?

Happy Sunday to all of you! 🌞

Today I am inspired to talk about emotions, maybe because lately I am learning to live them, accept them and know them more and more.

In fact, recognizing emotions, and learning both to express them and to let them go, is a great process of inner work that sooner or later we will find ourselves working on.

Today's society gives us an image of stoic and strong people, but we, in reality, are above all our emotions. Both those that we repress and those that we actually express. We tend to repress anger, while giving maximum vent to love.

Many times, however literate we may be, we fail to understand the actual distinction between the more or less conflicting emotions we feel, or we ignore them.

This little blog is a hymn to emotions!

Let's write and talk about what we have inside! Let's not close and repress what we feel (if not, it's a trauma that we have to work on later!!).

The fact that we avoid expressing what we have inside, or deny its existence, leads us to feel sick even physically, which triggers a process of somatization.

So the work on emotions is of vital importance both for our daily life and for our future!

Through the recognition of our feelings, giving a name to what we experience, we can master our emotions: we will no longer be slaves to what has been, but aware and conscious of it all. Through this process, we learn to accept and love ourselves both as we are and for what we feel!

Acceptance is the key to a life full of love: we must be aware of every drop of happiness as well as every tear of sadness, because everything is a lesson that is given us to evolve and to understand more and more what a wonderful opportunity we have been given through this life! By learning to accept ourselves and others, we can discover love: a golden bond that connects all of us, living or non-living beings. If we close our eyes, breathe calmly and enter our heart space, we can feel our connection with the collective. WE can feel all the love and life force that binds us, because we are all One.

An exercise to be more aware of what we feel is to write down every day, in a notebook, the emotions we felt, list them all!

After writing, let's give ourselves a moment of gratitude for the positive work we are doing to ourselves and to the collective, because every single step we take in the inner world, is a step that goes to unlock and help the collective!

With Love, Chiara

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