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Can our fears and limitations become our strengths?

Good morning and happy Sunday!🌞

Welcome to a new weekly article!

This week I'd like to talk about fears and limitations, but not just to encourage change, but to do a little reflection on them.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved tarot cards! Obviously talking about tarot opens up worlds of potential!

When you make a tarot card, we open up to possibilities, situations that could happen, but of course it's up to us, living day by day, to shape our lives and thus transform them! In the Celtic Cross Layout there is the card that represents the greatest fear and limitation of the consultant, but it is also his strength. I have always found this card fascinating and beautiful! In fact, it leads us to reflect on how every worry, fear and limitation can be overcome, re-observed and assimilated as a life lesson, allowing us to evolve. What was once a fear is no longer a threat because it has been known and transformed and is now part of us as a store of knowledge and life. It is that test that becomes our mastery, a bit like Saturn in our birth chart: it seems like the most difficult and painful test, but once passed, it leads us to understand the trial and fully appreciate the lesson that the master Saturn has given us.

Realizing our fears and what limits our daily life, and which will limit our future, is important! In fact, in the long run they will destabilize us and we will not live in harmony. As living beings we seek well-being, tranquility and peace, and we can only find it within ourselves! But if fear holds us down and we fail to listen to our inner needs we will never reach this state.

So let's start meditating and reflecting! Let's breathe and connect with our essence! We don't have to be afraid because we are not alone!

So to the question: "Can our fears and limitations become our strengths?"...The answer is YEEEESSS!!! We can transmute them thanks to our Inner Work!!

So... Let's remember that every trial that has been forged for us, is there because the Universe knows we can overcome it!

It is only up to us to understand that it is necessary to let go of past patterns, expectations... And to focus and truly understand deep down what our needs are! Knowing ourselves, we heal ourselves and live in harmony with the whole Universe!

Let's trust ourselves and rediscover the joy of living without worries!

Let's give free vent to our inner child and joy! It's never too late!

Let's color our life!

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With Love and Peace,


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