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THE ENERGY OF THE WEEK THAT AWAITS US (19 July 2020 – 26 July 2020) with Tarots!

Hey you all!... Happy Sunday! Here we are again with the weekly post about the energy of the up-coming week... Let's get started!!

This week the predominant energy is that of the Emperor, an energy of stability, rationality but also invoking, both the archetype of the father and the archetype of fire!

In this week we will be focused on our economic stability but also on our well-being, which means we will take care of ourselves!

This energy will be accompanied by that of the Wizard, the New Beginning. This combination shows us our will to build and create something solid and lasting, both from a work and a sentimental point of view. In fact, the mystical and creative energy of the Wizard, combined with the more rational and logical energy of the Emperor, will allow us in a more rigid but conscious way to act on our dreams, to give shape to a reality that suits us more!

The figure of the Emperor, however, also represents the Father figure, so the combination of the two cards could also represent a dialogue with our Father (both in this dimension and in other dimensions) in order to dissolve Karmic nodes or blocks that have been created during this life, or in other lives, connected to this figure.

The Magician represents the trasformative and conscious action of "magic", or spirituality!

So it is important to take time to heal this archetype of the Father because it will not only allow us to dissolve some of the traumas we have been carrying around for so long, but it will also help our inner child to be freer.

In order to act more consciously on these energies, oracles come to our assistance! They in fact advise us to:

- Trust and listen to our discomforts. What do we perceive? What causes us discomfort and does not make us free, grateful and happy for our reality? Let us mediate on these points, because it is only through listening, compassion and love that we can transform what is now discomfort into awareness and love.

- We are in the age of light. We have chosen to incarnate ourselves to deal with all these things. We have been trained for all this from lives and lives. Let us learn to believe in ourselves and in our light. We have everything we need to heal ourselves.

- Raise your frequencies. Let us increase our energies and feel them flow through us by working on physical and spiritual blocks with love and understanding! We are a pillar of light!

Let us learn to take care of our body, because it is the temple of our soul.

Let us learn to take care of our dreams, because everything is attainable in love and awareness.

In case you need help with what's coming up this week, contact me or visit the Online Services section here on my website! See if there's anything that can help you... I'm there for you!

May you shine in the light!


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