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Happy Sunday!!! Here we are for a new weekly blog!😍🌜🌞

Today, like a year ago, our lives have changed: our routine, our way of living and seeing life has changed. Surely this time has allowed us to realize all those moments and actions that we underestimated, that we did not give the value they deserved because we were totally caught up in the flow of our lives. After a year of stagnation, at least on the physical level, we all evolved, we learned new things, we became aware of our physical needs, but also of our social, psychological and soul needs! It was an awakening for some, like a long tunnel for others, but it brought a new perception of life to all of us. The situation we live in changes every day even though it doesn't seem to improve. We are bombarded by news that confuse us and take us away from what is our reality. For this reason, every day, instead of being flooded by a thousand and more negative news, it would be important to turn off everything and center ourselves. Let's give ourselves time to connect with its higher self! Every day, be it morning and/or evening, find the space to hear what the Universe is telling us. By giving ourselves time and Love, even moments that may seem endless and meaningless, find a unique, emotionally and spiritually strong meaning!

But it is up to us to change our way of perceiving everyday life! Does everything happen to us or for us? It is easy to fall into the loop of "everything happens to me"... but let's make a shift and realize that every situation that comes up is for us, to make us understand and evolve!

This is required of us now! We are asked to broaden our vision, to act for our own good, not only material but also for the good of our soul and of our Planet!

Let's learn to be grateful for what we experience every day, a smile, a look, a warning... everything can be a source of growth and inspiration! Let's learn to find life beautiful, to love it even without frills!

Let's love the naturalness of life! With Love and Light,


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