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An expansion to new horizons!

Good morning and welcome to a new Sunday blog!!!🌞 Today I would like to talk about the number 5...! As we all know, we have already passed the halfway point of this year 2021, so today we can pause and meditate on its progress, in order to take the remaining part of the year to the next step! According to a numerological summation, the key number for this year is 5. The 5th marks changes: letting go of what is no longer useful or positive for us, and therefore also a new beginning. A rebirth from the ashes! Many times transitions can be destabilizing, especially if they concern relationships or work situations. This can lead to a lack of confidence in the present and in the future. So how to process change, and why does it happen? First of all, we need to understand that nothing in life is static... the child grows up, the adult grows old... the cycle of life is always in constant motion. And so, even in our own small way, as living beings in our own environment, we evolve, we change, and we find ourselves dealing with people and realities that are themselves on a path of transformation, which may differ from our own.

For this reason, whenever there is a change either in us or in others, there is no need to be afraid or angry, but it is important to open our hearts to deeply understand what is happening to us or to those around us. Change should not be hindered, but understood, accepted and loved. Even if at the time it seems like the most terrible thing that could happen, in reality it is the key that the Universe gives us to broaden our horizons and evolve more and more. New opportunities will present themselves and through acceptance of change both within and outside of ourselves, then we will be able to truly live in a new state of consciousness.

It is important, again, to remember the law of Reflection. It reminds us that what is external to us, such as situations or behaviors of other people that affect us emotionally, are a reflection of something that we carry within us and that is part of us. Others show us a side of ourselves that we need to change...

So let's embrace change!

Let us embrace the growth of our soul. Every little transformation will surely help to nourish our soul with new energy!

Let us let go of everything that does not belong to us anymore with love and gratitude... And embrace our deeper and deeper version of our essence with each passing day!

With Love and Gratitude Chiara

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