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THE ENERGY OF THE WEEK THAT AWAITS US (2nd August 2020 – 9th August 2020) with Tarots!

Welcome to this week's blog, where through Tarot cards and Oracles we will explore the energies of the week that is about to begin!

… Let’s get started!!

At the beginning of the week we find ourselves interfacing with the energy of the Lovers. This card does not simply represent the possible beginning of a relationship but also represents pleasure, choice and the harmony between rational and emotional. It is also a symbol of creativity!

Combined with this card we have the oracular card of the sisterhood of the rose. This combination gives us the prospect of a week beginning aimed at devotion and contemplation of beauty, creativity and mysticism! Go to your Inner Temple and communicate with your Inner Goddess!

In the middle of the week we have the energy of Death. It is often misrepresented and given a totally negative symbolism when it is not so! In fact, this tarot represents the end, but it also represents the beginning: letting go of the old to make room for the new. To a new beginning!

To help us understand this card along comes the oracle, who advises us to untie ourselves, let go of the patterns of the soul and the contracts made in past lives! It is important to let go of those toxic ties for us, like a relationship but also a job or an unhealthy habit.

Again, take some time, go back to your Inner Temple and communicate with your Spiritual Guides and your Inner Goddess.

In the last part of the week we have the energy of the Hanged man, the change of Perspective!

In this case, after the hard work we will have done inwardly during the previous days, at the weekend we will realise the limits we were setting for ourselves and how our life has now expanded in perspective and understanding. As the oracular card Lemuria suggests, we are here to align ourselves and commit our energies to create a Paradise on Earth.

Let us allow ourselves to flow with the energies of the Universe, they are already in motion. Let us align.

Let us align ourselves with the energy of Love!

Have a wonderful week!… and for more information and therapies go see my Online Services!

Lots of light!


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