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THE ENERGY OF THE WEEK THAT AWAITS US (26 July 2020 – 2 August 2020) with Tarots!

Welcome to this week's blog, where through Tarot cards and Oracles we will explore the energies of the week that is about to begin!

… Let’s get started!!

At the beginning of the week we will still have a prevalence of energy related to the figure of the Emperor, we will probably find ourselves experiencing both situations related to economic and family aspects, such as our relationship with the father figure, but also how we deal with and relate to ourselves.

What type of "father" are we? How rigid are we with ourselves? How much do we listen to us? Do we limit ourselves too much? What goals do we set for ourselves?

In this concerning, the oracles suggest that we get grounded, meditate and connect with our emotions. We have to try to spend time in Nature and feel deeply connected to the Whole!

In the middle of the week the energy of the Force comes into play. In this case we are asked for patience, tenacity and inner strength.

In fact, like the woman who in this card tries to open the lion's jaws, we are asked to face our fears with inner calm, to have courage and to face the challenges that are cyclically placed before us.

The Strength is a healing, feminine and trusting energy.

Our doubts will be answered, our challenges will be overcome.

The oracles, for this part of the week, advise us to stay as much as possible in Nature, connected with the energies of the Universe and also to allow ourselves to rest.

Let us allow all these energies, that will occur in these days, to flow and complete their cycle.

At the end of the week, we find the Wheel of Fortune, also known as Karma.

This indicates that the law of Karma will be at work, i.e. we will learn to let go of the emotions that have followed and evolved during these weeks.

To close this chapter, the oracles suggest us to ask ourselves a question, "What are we holding on to?"

To conclude a karmic cycle, it is both important to understand the lesson we are facing, but it is also very important to let go of all the feelings, the emotions that are coming out to allow us to start a new chapter.

Letting go of the old to make space for the new.

This week we are asked for Inner Strength, to remain physically still, for an inner investigation.

Let us learn calm and compassion for ourselves and for others! This will allow us to enter a dimension of LOVE!

By letting go of this karmic baggage there will be a new beginning, the Beginning of a new cycle that will carry a new Era, in which we will give birth to new Creations and that will be based on unconditional Love.

For more information on the Emperor's energy, check out my post Building our dreams!... and for more information and therapies go see my Online Services!

Have a wonderful week!

Lots of light!


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