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Many people today talk about Mindfulness, let's simply define what it is with the addition of a small exercise to get used to it!

First of all, mindfulness is the act of paying attention, on purpose, to your daily experiences, without judging yourself or others. The heart of this process is to remain focused on the present moment we are living in.

Staying in this state of awareness has very positive aspects that have an impact on your overall physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Indeed, many of us will believe that they are in the present moment all the time, that they are aware of what they are doing, but many times it is just the opposite.

Even just when we get lost in a memory, in a mental judgment, we are probably no longer focusing on what we are actually doing. As an example, many times we don't even remember what we had on our plate, we don't even remember the taste of the food we ate, because we run from one thought to another or from one stress to another.

So when we recognize a lack of presence in our lives, Mindfulness comes into play, allowing us to live a healthy and more self-directed life.

Many times, in our head there is a negative dialogue about ourselves or others, mindfulness helps to recognize this thought form of ours and to redirect our mind on other more positive thoughts or simply on the activity we are practicing, even simply walking.

So in a simple way we can say that Mindfulness could be represented as a continuous circle composed of four actions:

- Self-directed focus,

- Wander,

- Notice,

- Guide back to Self-directed focus.

So, there you have three little exercises to do when you notice that you're getting lost in too many thoughts!

Mindful exercise: Focus on your daily routine

While you wash dishes or iron (or other daily activities of your choice), instead of traveling through your thoughts, stay in the here and now. Feel the fineness of the materials, or the temperature of the water through the touch, focus on the scent emanating from the blouse, or from the dish soap, feel the sound of water or of the steam coming out of the hot iron.

Try to be positive and focus your mind on the action. Try to be thankful and grateful for this simple activity you're doing!

You can do a Mindful exercise also during a walk! Focus on your movements while walking, on the feeling that your foot is touching the floor, feel your muscles moving inside your body. Feel the energy within you and be grateful for the beautiful body you have.

I hope you’ll enjoy this little guide and let me know your Mindful experiences in the comment!

Infinite Light


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