• Chiara Tunesi


Throughout the ages, humans have dedicated a large part of their lives to realizing their dreams, whether they may be material objects, such as a house or a car, or a loved one to have around them, or a better life, or an emotion to feel.

Today we are going to talk about this topic, that is, how to manifest in our lives something or someone that we feel ardently necessary for our daily life.

We're going to describe two methods: meditation and journaling.

In the case of manifestation through meditation, it is important to achieve a state of inner peace,harmony and clarity and to visualize entirely and in detail what we would like in our own reality. It is important to perceive colors, our emotions, every little detail.

When meditation is over, it is very important to let go and not attach ourselves to this desire and its contemplation. It is important to stay in the here and now.

Remember that the Universe has understood your message and will realize what is for your highest good and for the highest good of the collective.

In case we want to manifest through journaling, it is important to have a notebook that we dedicate to this. It would be important to clean it before using it (with incense, singing bowl, ...) and then dedicate it to the manifestation. If you want you can also use a special pen for this activity.

When you are relaxed and with clear ideas, start writing in the present, as if you already had that person or object in your life. Enjoy every second. What do you love about it? What emotions are you feeling?... and if it's an object... What's its texture? What does it look like?

It's really important to write in the present time and in affirmative sentences.

After describing what you would like to manifest in your life, express gratitude to the Universe and let go, detach yourself from your desire.

You can also decide to manifest through water. In fact, if you fill a glass container (bottle, glass,... ) with water and express motivational concepts towards it, it will absorb the energies emitted by your words.

Then you will drink the water and try to perceive the energy of what you have just said.

This method works very well if you want to see transformations in your body, and/or in your emotions and/or in character peculiarities.

For example, you can address to water saying "My skin is healthy and bright", "My frequencies are high and in harmony with universal love".

By drinking you absorb the positive and motivational energy you have directed to the water.

Remember that it will be manifested what it’s in line with the meaning of your life, with your highest good and with the highest good of the collective.

Everything needs its time, be positive and trust the Universe.

Infinite Light


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