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Crystals for millions of years have been used as tools for healing and increasing levels of awareness. Indeed each stone is being specially picked for specific frequencies and properties.

The majority of crystals on planet Earth were formed millions of years ago and their healing properties are associated with the way they were generated.

Every crystal has the ability to absorb, channel, focus and emit energy.

Their emission of energy is connected with our electromagnetic field. In fact, when we hold a crystal, our frequency interacts with it.

This interaction triggers the crystal energy so that the power it creates, can be transmitted to our internal energy field.

Ancient civilizations already used crystals in healing therapies, or as talismans. For example, the Egyptians used them as amulets and the Sumerians used them in ancient rituals.

Later in the Renaissance they were added to herbal remedies.


As explained before, crystals inhance and balance our energies, that is why many of us have crystals and meditate with them.

There are several ways to choose our crystals. in this case we will observe which one to choose according to colour.

Each color is associated with various properties and influences our perception

Although our perception can vary from person to person, crystals within the same color family tend to hold similar frequencies that resonate with specific properties.

White crystals (moonstones, quartz, calcite, selenite, topaz,…):

- Freedom

- Hope

- Innocence

- Illumination

- Purity

Black Crystals (hematite, agate, black tourmaline, onyx, …):


- Mystery

- Protection

- Security

- Release self-doubt

Green crystals (fluorite, chrysoprase, jade, malachite, …):

- Abundance

- Nurturing

- Growth

- New beginnings

- Productivity

- Health

Violet crystals: (amethyst, eudialyte, ...):

- Trusting your heart

- Intuition

- Inspiration

- Music

Indigo crystals (indigo gabbro, sodalite, indigo aura quartz, tanzanite…):

- Maturity

- Experience

- Judgement

- Prestige

- Long life

Pink crystals (pink opal, rose quartz, pink tourmaline…):

- Love

- Commitment

- Processing grief

- Romance

- Sensuality

Blue crystals (Blue Tiger’s Eye, Azurite, Lapis Lazuli, blue calcite, labradorite…):

- Trust

- Sincerity

- Spiritual cleansing

- Sincerity

- Faith

- Aligning with beliefs

- Connecting with animals

Red Crystals (chestnut jasper, garnet, red tiger’s eye, red malachite…):

- Self-worth

- Action

- Energy

- Conviction

- Courage

- Exploration

Orange crystals (carnelian, orange calcite, indian sunset turquoise, sunstone, …):

- Joy

- Celebration

- Pleasure

- Amplifying emotions

Yellow crystals (yellow opal, citrine, yellow jasper, honey calcite, …):

- Enlightenment

- Optimism

- Warmth

- Realistic perspective

Now you can start looking for the crystal that aligns most with you and what you want to work on!!!!

Remember! As soon as you choose the color, let your intuition guide you to select the crystal that is in alignment with you. To better understand if it is the chosen one, hold it in the palm of your hand for a few moments to feel its energy and understand if it is in harmony with you and your higher Self.

I hope you enjoy this little guide!

Cosmic Love


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