• Chiara Tunesi


Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses the artistic medium as the main form of communication.

It is not necessary to be a painter, artist, photographer or sculptor to be able to practice it, because the focal point is that the person, through the process, will be able to make changes and growth on a personal level through the use of artistic materials.

Art therapy is based on the idea that all individuals have the ability to express themselves creatively, both through artistic practice and contemplation.

There is no age limit for this activity and it is important in everyday life, which we know is full of stress and overthinking, to dedicate ourselves to creativity, to activities that can lighten us and allow us to flow in a conscious and harmonious way.

One of the most used techniques is that of coloring Mandalas, but of course the concept of art therapy is applicable to any art form, even sewing for example!

Returning to the concept of Mandala, it is a Sanskrit word that means Circle or Disc and refers to the Cosmos but also to the Sun and Moon.

Coloring a mandala has not only the therapeutic effect of ground yourself but also to reduce stress, in fact it brings the person, if consciously attentive and aware, to a meditative state.

It is really important that during this activity, which can also start from drawing a Mandala yourself at pleasure, the attention is focused on the action of coloring and it is important to avoid wandering.

It is important to stay in the here and now and observe the feelings that permeate you.

A nice way to recognize these feelings through the Mandala technique is to assign some colors to feelings that you have experienced coloring or that you have experienced during your day.

Respectively to the percentage of colors used, you will understand the important or unimportant presence of a certain feeling within your life.

There are other techniques besides this one, but the main thing to understand is that Art is a very important means of expression and harmonization and in all its forms can help each of us to live a brighter and more creative life.

It is really important not to underestimate creativity, it is the one that animates us in every action of our life, even if we believe we are not creative, in reality it is just a social idea, because the creative potential is found in each of us, in every action.

In our uniqueness lies our unique creative potential.

Understanding our uniqueness and creativity allows us to permeate within the whole and be in harmony not only with ourselves but also with the collective!

I send you lots of light and love,


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