• Chiara Tunesi


In everyday life, many times, we find ourselves facing new challenges, great paths, as well as complex and heavy moments.

Facing and living life, a question that should arise spontaneously from our heart is: do I give myself enough love? Do I dedicate enough time to my Soul, to my Femininity, to my HEART? How can I MOTHER myself?

This week let's give ourselves love, let's act as mothers for ourselves, for our Inner Child.

Let us hug ourselves, cuddle and shine and emerge into the light in divine love!

Giving ourselves this time, both physical and spiritual, is what is necessary in the pursuit of creating a new era! To create new projects, a new world, it is important to give ourselves time, give ourselves love and flow balanced with the cosmic flux.

Let us give our feminine the potential to receive, let us give our masculine the potential to act.


Reconnecting and balancing our energies leads us to be a channel always in connection with the divine. This channel is unlocked by implementing conscious-self LOVE!

Our task in this new era is to channel and uplift humanity!

Let us connect deeply to God through meditation and perceive from the depths our mission for this incarnation.

Let's rediscover our origins and let go of all those patterns that we no longer need and that do not serve the High-good of all!

Let us shine and learn through Cosmic Light!!

In carrying our message, our light, we always have to remember to set our own healthy boundaries.

That is, not to allow others to grab our spaces, our energies… but rather to create and consolidate relationships that are based on love, well-being and trust, not that they limit our light and our energies.

It is important to become aware of the energies we emanate and those we attract!

Giving us love and nourishment also means being able to give ourselves the right spaces, energies and limits in which our inner rose can bloom and shine in all its intensity and love.

So every day, consciously, let's love ourselves, connect to the Cosmic, respect ourselves and realize, with our dreams and energies, a NEW WORLD full of LIGHT and LOVE!

Breath!... and let all unfold and flow!

With Love and Light,


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